Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WATBlog.com: Bubble Motion (video interview) Voice Blogging Thats Getting Louder

A new trend, voice blogging, is rapidly patronizing users in India. Bubbly, a service launched in February in India by Bubble Motion, allows users to send voice messages to multiple followers. Imagine an audio version of Twitter. Bubbly is a cell phone service that aims to bring social media to the masses.

Users can follow friends, family, celebrities, religious leaders, and BBC News by typing in the person’s number or access code, then *. They’re notified when there’s an update –- a friend inviting a group of classmates to a bar, a short news update from BBC News, or a message for fans from a Bollywood star.

We interviewed the Founder of Bubble Motion Thomas Clayton in an exclusive WATShow interview below:

Some more details on Bubble Motion’s bubbly service: The voice messages are generally only 30 seconds long. Followers are notified when someone updates a new voice message. Bubble Motion earns money by taking a cut of the airtime used to listen to the message. It’s free to send a message. The major source of revenue then are celebrities where thousands of fans dial in to receive their voice updates. Bubble Motion also hopes to offer video Bubbly messages, where followers can easily dial into watch homemade videos, or even give users the option of including text – making it a true mobile Twitter.

Around 80 celebrities are already using the service and more are joining each week. They have also roped in content owners like BBC, Bloomberg, UTV, and Balaji Telefilms, among others.

Besides India, the company is in the process of launching the service in 6-7 other major countries throughout Asia and expects a similar success...WATBlog.com - Web, Advertising and Technology Blog in India

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