Thursday, June 17, 2010

Leo Burnett-Cultural Fuel: David on Demand: Social Media Spying in Cannes

David on Demand is a social media experiment that brings the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival to life through the eyes and ears of a young advertising enthusiast David Perez via website with live streaming video. What’s more is that much of what David on Demand experiences at Cannes is directed by people via Twitter. Simply put, you Tweet David a request, he does it and you see it, live.

David on Demand – otherwise known as Leo Burnett Worldwide recruiter David Perez – will don webcam eyeglasses that record and broadcast a live perspective of his adventures at the elite weeklong celebration of global communication initiatives. In addition to webcam glasses, David on Demand is supported by a mobile broadband connection, walkie-talkie, crew, and of course, his Twitter feed.

Twenty-four hours a day throughout the week of the Cannes festival, David on Demand followers, will be able to look through his eyes, browse through his memory bank, but most importantly participate in the fun by Tweeting commands to David. Starting June 21, David on Demand’s every move and Twitter request will be documented at Burnett-Cultural Fuel

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