Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brand Republic Community: Sorrell and Levy upstaged by Hollywood funny man

The Cannes film festival is in May, so why at the end of June, with advertising’s big shots rolling into town, is La Croisette buzzing with news of movie star Ben Stiller?

Talk of the town last night was not of Maurice Levy, Martin Sorrell or Michael Roth, or even Cannes 2010’s ‘Media Person of the Year’ Mark Zuckerberg. Instead, adland is going nuts for the Hollywood actor and comedian.

The 44-year-old Meet the Fockers star is Yahoo's inspired guest panelist this afternoon and his arrival has caught everyone's imagination. I had no idea he was so popular, but it seems he's a certifable international hit, with both men and women alike.

Publicis Groupe's Richard Pinder, the keynote speaker in the session immediate before Stiller's turn, looks set to reap the benefits of a standing-room only auditorium as delegates strategically position themselves. Not that the chief operating officer is not enough of a pull himself of course!

I'm clearly missing something. I thought adland was supposed to be far too cool for such celeb-enthusiam.

One agency exec assured me "Ben is incredibly funny amd is genuine Hollywood royalty". Unfortunately she became suddenly shy when I suggested a name-check in this post, but she did add "the fact that's he's cute doesn't hurt".

He may be more used to starring alongside Robert De Niro, Winoa Ryder and Barbra Streisand, but Stiller's support cast today will be Yahoo chief marketing officer Elisa Steel and Goodby Silverstein & Partners' co chiar Jeff Goodby.

"I don't care as long as he's funny," added my exec, let's hope the There's Something about Mary actor can live up to his billing...Brand Republic Community

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