Monday, June 14, 2010

Euro RSCG Social: The Week in Social Media

“[Brands] need to realize that the conversation will extend beyond their control, so they should have a strong point of view and good, engaging content.” –Russ Lidstone, CEO of Euro RSCG London, in an article on UTalkMarketing

All the changes social media is bringing about now are accelerating, creating new ways for consumers and brands to interact with each other, based on these key characteristics: trust, transparency and humility.

* “How Consumers Interact with Brands on Social Networks” on eMarketer
* “Fickle Gen Y Trusts Channels, Not Brands” on MarketingDaily

So much has happened this week on the social media front, starting with the iPhone 4 and Apple’s claims that iAd already has $60 million in prelaunch bookings. Other huge developments: Yahoo launched Pulse, a massive Facebook Connect implementation, and Twitter announced its own URL shortener, the service, where 120 characters is the new 140. Since I bet you’ve all heard plenty about Apple’s updates (I know I have), I’d rather focus on the two others.

* “Facebook on Pulse: Yahoo Goes Social” on Fast Company
* “Twitter’s new Link Shortener Gives You LESS Characters, but More Security” on TweetSmarter

And let’s finish up with an online campaign for Uniqlo, which proves that, amazingly, banners are not dead, and an article on Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, who—love him or hate him—you can’t deny is a leader with vision (whether you agree with that vision, well, that’s a different story…).

* “When Was the Last Time You Saw a Banner Campaign Go Viral?” on Brandflakes for Breakfast
* “Mark Zuckerberg: Everyone’s Favorite Privacy Pinata” on Simon Mainwairing

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