Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Business Insider: 10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Good morning! Here's all that matters in tech:

* Bing continues to introduce cool features. The latest is an upgraded "Entertainment" section that lets you search for your favorite TV shows, movies, and watch some of them right at Bing.

* iPhone 4 reviews went live yesterday. Everyone loves the phone, they just hate AT&T.

* If you want to see an iPhone 4 torn apart, iFixit has done just that.

* Firefox released a new version of its browser which is supposed to protect the browser from Flash caused crashes. The only catch -- it's for Windows and Linux only.

* John Watkinson, a mobile app developer for Larva Labs, estimates Android developers have only been paid $21 million from the Android Market, or 2% of what they make in the Apple App Store.

* Verizon has killed the Droid Eris, the cheaper Droid phone that came out last holiday season.

* EA is having a big sale on its iPhone games, slashing the prices to $1. Go get them while you can.

* Motorola, Verizon, Google and Adobe have a big event planned today in New York. We'll be on hand to cover it. We're expecting the Droid X to be unveiled.

* Zynga gamers are hardcore -- 90% of them play on a daily basis.

* Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook revenue is in the range of $1.1 billion, and he shouldn't have become as obsessed with Twitter as he did.

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