Friday, June 11, 2010

Yahoo Advertising Blog: InternetWeek in Four Parts

What you should know about InternetWeek (if you didn’t see all of it)

After attempting to take in InternetWeek all week, I’ve come to one clear conclusion: it’s too much for one person. And with so many wildly different events competing for attention, you’d excuse me if that’s the only conclusion I was able to reach.

But… a few points seemed clear:

* Lines are blurring—between online and offline campaigns, between creative and technology. Campaigns have to be integrated. Agencies are hiring creatives who get tech and techs who can tell a story.
* Social is everywhere. It’s not something separate from marketing. It is marketing.
* Paying for your own drink is crazy—at least when there are seemingly dozens of parties willing to pick up the tab.
* Content matters. There was lots of cool tech on display, but speakers kept on coming back to the content, to the story, to the authenticity of your brand. I liked IAB president and CEO Randall Rothenberg’s take on it in the video below.

Please continue & view video here: Yahoo! Advertising Blog

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