Friday, June 11, 2010

Business Insider: 10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Good morning!

* Bad timing: On June 24, Microsoft is opening a new retail shop in a San Diego mall, right next to an Apple store
. That's the same day iPhone 4 goes on sale.

* Foxconn might close down its China factory and focus on Taiwan, Vietnam, and India.

* The FBI is investigating the AT&T iPad leak, telling Gawker to hold onto all its records of the breach. Hope Nick Denton has some good lawyers.

* Yahoo and Bing gained search share thanks to slideshow gimmicks. If you back those gimmicks out, Yahoo dropped, Bing was flat, and Google gained a little.

* Adobe thinks Flash will be on 53% of smartphones in 2012.

* Motorola says its working on a super powerful 2 GHz smartphone for year end. Here's a picture of the DROID 2 from Motorola. This phone will NOT have a 2 GHz processor.

* iRex filed for bankruptcy because nobody bought its e-reader.

* Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi is getting Bing market research from his daughter.

* Google News is experimenting with adding a human element to its news results called "editor's choice," where a select group of chosen partners will highlight stories.

* Hulu exceeded its goals and turned cashflow positive, says NBC Boss Jeff Zucker in a video at the FT.

* Bonus for the app developers! Apple put out its sixth official app. It allows app makers to check stats right in their iPhone. Neat! Read more: Business Insider

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