Thursday, June 24, 2010

Business Insider: 10 Things You Need To Know This Morning (HPQ, MSFT, AAPL, EBAY, MOT, VIA, GOOG)

Good morning!

* iPhone 4 goes on sale in stores today. Expect long lines, and lots of tweets about it. We got ours yesterday. Our snap reaction to it: It's as nice as everyone says. Also, iMovie for iPhone is out, and white iPhone 4s aren't coming until July.

* Viacom lost its $1 billion copyright infringement case against Google and YouTube.

* Hulu is in talks with CBS and Viacom about adding shows when Hulu launches its paid subscription service.

* HP has acquired music streaming service Melodeo for between $30 and $35 million. Presumably it will be used for Palm in the future.

* Cisco announced plans to invest $1 billion in Russia. (Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was touring Silicon Valley yesterday.)

* Windows 7 is selling like hotcakes. Every second Microsoft rings up 7 sales of Windows and 150 million copies have been sold to date.

* eBay acquired Red Laser, a bar code scanning app.

* Twitter added the ability to follow all your friends on Facebook and LinkedIn. Except, it doesn't work at Facebook. Facebook says it's trying to fix that.

* Motorola released the latest Android phone, Droid X. With its big screen the emphasis is on video.

* Apple decided to sue HTC again, over more patents.

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