Monday, June 14, 2010

Brains On Fire Blog: Okay. Here we go!

We just get lucky around here. I find it almost magical.

And here’s a story that proves just that, in my humble opinion. For several years, I’ve wanted someone at Brains on Fire to write a book about the lessons we’ve been learning. It’s been on my mind and heart for at least three years now.

Honestly, I don’t think the world is dying for yet another business book. But I have this belief that writing inspires thinking. And learning. And we are all learning and exploring now.

Writing is a great way learn and to share.

So last August I was sitting in the Austin airport and I got an email. The one I have been waiting on for about three years now. It simply said:

Hi Robbin,

I am an editor at Wiley, a big fan of Brains on Fire (after reading accounts of your company’s work in numerous spots and following your company’s blog), and am very interested in working with you on a book.

Read your recent blog entitled “What Are You Missing?” and especially enjoyed it. Given the need for this sort of smart, inspirational business advice, especially during these tough times, I am very interested in discussing the possibility of working together on a book. Would be thrilled to hear any feedback or answer any questions you may have, and pursue the idea and approach that you’re most enthusiastic about.

And so the journey began.

It’s been a wild one. Four of us (Me, Spike, Geno and Cordell) decided to co-author this first book. It’s called: Brains on Fire, Igniting Powerful Sustainable Word of Mouth Movements. You can pre-order it here. It will be in stores the last week in August.

Even though only four of us put our name on it, I really see it this way: This book is a collective. From all of us at Brains on Fire, from our clients and their customers. And from you guys, reading this blog. Talking to us on Twitter. Sharing your passions and dreams and genius for the world with arms wide open.

You helped us write this first book. It’s been simply amazing.

So since I believe it’s our book. And a compilation of the wisdom of our clients and true believers, I want to ask you this. How can we best use this book as tool to get an even bigger conversation going? And let the learning really begin.

If we gave you twenty books what would you do with them? Would you share them with your teammates? Would you take them to a university to get even more bright shiny voices joining us? Would you send them to 20 world leaders? Or 20 not for profits with the desire to change the world?

What would you do with twenty free books?

Maybe it’s a silly first question right out the gate. But since I feel you are a part of this book, I really want to know.

And yes. Those with the most interesting answers and ideas will get those twenty books when we get the first galleys off the press (should be early July). We’ve got a hundred copies to share and we can think of no better people to share them with than you.

Gulp. I am really putting us out there now. I do hope you want to share this book and have some thoughts. Just share your ideas on this post. And of course you know the judging of what is inspiring and interesting is going to be totally subjective.

P.S. We’ll even sign and number them just for fun...Brains On Fire Blog

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