Monday, June 28, 2010

Business Insider: 10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Good Morning! Here's the news:

Foursquare is about to close a round of funding at an $80 million valuation, after coming thisclose to selling itself to Facebook.

Kevin Rose of Digg started a big rumor this weekend saying that Google will take another stab at social networking with something called "Google Me".

Elevation Partners has purchased $120 million worth of Facebook shares on the secondary market.

Amazon has updated the Kindle iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch apps to allow more embedded video and audio.

Palm has lost another exec. Lynn Fox, an ex-Apple employee and Palm's VP of Public Relations, decided to leave.

The giant, expensive Plastic Logic Que e-reader, which was supposed to be a Kindle for the business folk is pretty much dead.

After Apple conceded there was an issue with iPhone 4's antenna, Steve Jobs contradicted himself saying there "is no reception issue. Stay tuned." So keep an eye out for what happens next.

Doodle Jump has had over 5 million downloads, which probably makes it the most popular paid iPhone app of all time.

Gadget factory Foxconn has handed over control of its dorms to another company.

Google's Android app market, for all its freedom, is a bit of a mess.

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