Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Good morning! Here's the news you need to end June:

* iPhone is said to be coming to Verizon in January. If true, one analyst thinks it equals 12 million new iPhone sales, or $7 billion in revenue next year, as well as an additional $3.00 EPS.

* Sony is recalling 500,000 Vaio laptops
because they run too hot and melt the laptop.

* YouTube is going to offer skippable ads to users. If an ad is skipped, then advertisers don't get charged.

* MapQuest got a make-over. New logo, new look.

* Foursquare raised $20 million at a $95 million valuation.

* Hulu made its subscription service available to a select audience. $10 per month for more shows and access on the iPad/iPhone and other gadgets.

* Yahoo promoted Erin McPherson from biz dev at Yahoo Media to "original programming chief." She'll be in charge of ramping Yahoo's content strategy.

* Remember Chatroulette? Well, Salon is saying it's dead, which probably means its going to flourish once again.

* Twitpic is threatening legal action against Posterous, because Posterous is offering to put all your TwitPics on Posterous.

* was down for hours yesterday. It's back now, but so far it gave no details on what went wrong.

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