Monday, June 21, 2010

DRAFTFCBlog: Day 2 of Cannes Seminars

Posted by Patricia Marinho, SVP, Account Management, Giovanni + Draftfcb São Paulo

Have to say that yesterday was much better. There were some disappointments, but since we can always learn something new, there were some good lessons from the Go Viral seminar and specially from JWT, who made the best presentation here so far.

Go Viral's chairman Jimmy..... comes to Cannes every year to give a lecture on the state of digital. Since last year he focused on the importante of video as a tool to promote engagement online. He gave a lot of impressive numbers, like 120 million US citizens watched an average of 182 online videos last february. Because of that, several companies like Nokia are starting to look at online video as an strategic tool. For them uploading a video whenever you have a new campaign is not enough anymore. They know that they have to create their own narratives, relating to what matters to the brand. Therefore they now have an editorial team, with weekly meetings, to discuss what is going on and decide what type of new video has to be produced to ignite owned, earned and paid media. We should better get used to cases like de 16 videos produced for the N8 foosball - 2010 case.

Talking about JWT, they came with the notion that "time is the new currency" and that's why we have to make ideias people want to spend time with. That, for them, means creating stories that captivates the consumer. No news, right? The thing is they followed this brief introduction presenting a series of very creative cases that proved their point. Each one of them had something special. The ones the audience likes the most were My First Book Project and Heineken's Beer Gloss campaign. Everything was very consistent and inspiring...DRAFTFCBlog

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