Tuesday, June 29, 2010

brandflakesforbreakfast: the creative brief: necessary, or waste of paper?

So much has changed in the industry of creative agencies that it might lead you to wonder if the creative brief, an age-old document invented by someone older than Moses still has a place in the creative business.

Do we need such a document? Are they helpful, or do they get in the way?

This is the question that Jasmin Cheng of Twist Image seeks to answer. She's put together an absolutely brilliant presentation that examines this challenge.

Disclosure: I might have been swayed to say this is absolutely brilliant because I'm quoted throughout the presentation, and generally the things that I say are perceived as brilliance when I hear them.

After you read my quote on slide 6, I am convinced that you too will see the glorious shiny light...brandflakesforbreakfast

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