Sunday, June 6, 2010

TAXI - BLOG: Pondering the future Reminiscing the Past: Nike vs. The NHL Playoffs

I gotta say, I was a big fan of the “History Will be Made” NHL Playoff ads. As a hockey fan, seeing Mario and Bobby in slow-mo gave me goosebumps. But in light of the new Nike “Write The Future” spot, I’ve come to reconsider them.

In fact, all the NHL spots led me to do was reminisce about those great heroes of the past… and not really think to much about watching the current NHL Playoffs (not that I needed a reason anyway).

The line, “History Will Be Made” is technically nodding to the future tense, but really, it’s all about what’s already happened, whether 30 years ago, or 1 week ago. Reminiscing about great moments in history is always nice, but daaaaaamn does contemplating the future instead come across way better, as Nike recently proved.

Yes, Nike had 100x the budget, executional ridiculousness and star power, but the insight is also supremely better. Daring to dream about the future and predict the ripples in people’s lives and pop culture – it’s gold. And more importantly, it invites people to watch what’s coming, be there live to watch the future unfold live, which is way more inspiring and fun than remembering what they already watched.

Nike, this round goes to you...TAXI - BLOG

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