Monday, June 7, 2010

ScottSeaborn: MMA Whitepaper Offers Guidance on Larger Ad Units: The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has pu...

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has published a whitepaper that provides the industry with a concise, actionable overview of widely-used display ad unit sizes measuring 320 pixels in width or larger. The MMA says the ad units represent new opportunities for brands, agencies and other members of the mobile marketing ecosystem to engage with their audience on large-screen smartphones and tablet devices.

The Expanded Mobile Ad Unit Sizes Whitepaper includes several examples of banner and full-screen ad units in use today on large-screen devices, and is intended to encourage further experimentation. The paper also invites companies to share best practices with the MMA’s Mobile Advertising Committee to influence future additions to the MMAs Global Mobile Advertising Guidelines, which are based on best practices and optimal consumer experiences, currently on screen sizes of 300 pixels in width and smaller.

“By fostering a discussion of options and best practices, the Expanded Mobile Ad Unit Sizes Whitepaper is the latest example of the MMA’s commitment to anticipating and enabling emerging opportunities in mobile marketing,” says Kristine van Dillen, MMA Director of Industry Initiatives and Partnerships. “We are very excited about this major first step toward defining ad units in a rapidly growing segment, while ensuring consumer acceptance of mobile display advertising.”

The Expanded Mobile Ad Unit Sizes Whitepaper is co-authored by the following MMA member companies Eyewonder, Jumptap, Medialets, Millennial Media, Mobile Posse, Nexage and Smaato. It’s available for download here

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