Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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Adland's biggest gathering, the Cannes Lions festival, is taking place from the 20th-26th June, and looks set to be the usual heady combination of networking, backslapping, and cramming in knowledge of an increasingly fascinating industry.

The Contagious Team will be there in full force. The highlight of our week's calendar will be our seminar, developed and presented in conjunction with Publicis, which will take place at 4pm on Tuesday 22nd June in the Palais. Got that? We'll say it again. TUESDAY, 22ND JUNE, 4PM. BE THERE OR MISS OUT. (Seriously).

The topic of our seminar is "The Contagious Conversation" and we'll be looking at the business strategies, PR ideas and marketing innovations that create truly contemporary brand successes -- from the Goliaths undergoing total reinvention to the Davids punching way above their weight.

In addition to fascinating subject matter (brought to life by the inimitable Contagious team), we're also going to be undertaking a first for the festival: as the seminar progresses, our friends at www.scriberia.co.uk will be developing a real-time visualisation of the conversation. Scribing -- the process of capturing and animating conversation as it happens -- is both fascinating to watch and extremely useful, and will add an additional layer of interactivity and visual fascination to what will be an extremely colourful seminar.

Cannes Lions has seen something of an evolution over the last few years, with the emphasis moving slowly but inexorably away from beachside excess (although there is still plenty of that) and into learning, and forging meaningful relationships. The industry is mutating at breakneck speed, and these kinds of gatherings are beginning to form an integral part of the process of keeping pace with the change.

The Contagious/Publicis seminar is part of this -- a 45 minute crash course in staying ahead. So, we'll see you there (4PM, TUESDAY THE 22ND! *hammers it home with a stick*). And then we'll see you on the beach later for some of that excess we mentioned.

Very much looking forward to it!

If you're coming to Cannes and would like to meet up with the Contagious team, please email harry@contagiousmagazine.com and we'll set it up. No meetings before 10am, though!...contagiousmagazine.com

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