Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Capital C: Digital Digs

A digest of what's new and emerging in marketing, technology and strategy.

If You Like Moustaches on Men - You'll Love These Restaurants
Eerie and invasive to some, there’s a data-driven value that making connections explicit will allow. Enter Hunch, now enabling you to never decide things for yourself again.
Don't Think Just Do

What to Tweet When You Don’t Know What to Tweet
Since Twitter became a necessity there’s been a lot of brands getting onboard, hiring agencies to set them up with a Twitter plan. But like swimming, it helps to know what you’re going to be doing before you jump into a pool. Here are some categories to play in.
Always Have Content

Why MySpace Can Still Win as a Music Destination
While MySpace continues to bleed both money and users, there’s one saving grace for the once social media contender: music. MySpace is still the go-to music site for anyone researching a band. Now they just has to realize how to turn this fact into a life raft.
2nd Life

Guy Who Copied Digg Slams Digg For Copying Twitter
An interesting look at the lesser talked about social media enterprises and their trials and tribulations in the too-fast-moving era of social media growth.
Me Too!
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