Friday, June 4, 2010

Business Insider: BP: IT'S WORKING!

If you were watching last night's Lakers-Celtics game, or were just partying on a Thursday, you missed one of the most exciting live science experiments ever to be broadcast live.

Last night, starting around 7:30, BP began to place the Lower Marine Riser Package over the leaking oil well.

We've captured a sequence of stills from last night that are basically self-explanatory: in the beginning you see the LMRP being lowered, then some moments of it being docked to the leak, and then finally some violent imagery that at first looked like flame.

Meanwhile, BP COO Doug Suttles told George Stephanapoulus that he's confident it's working, and that most of the oil should be getting hoovered up by tonight. Let's hope.
Click here to see how it all went down >

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