Thursday, June 10, 2010

Business Insider: 10 Things You Need To Know This Morning


* AT&T was hacked, resulting in the exposure of the email address of over a hundred thousand iPad 3G owners, including major hot shots like Mayor Bloomberg and Rahm Emmanuel.
* Google is freaked because Apple is not going to let it advertise in iPhone apps. Now the Feds are getting involved.
* Bill Gates, John Doerr, and Jeff Immelt want the U.S. to triple spending on energy research.
* Here's a cool rumor: T-Mobile will make all phones free for one day -- June 19.
* Apple updated its Safari browser and added extensions. Here's 25 extensions available to install today.
* A year after Zynga unleashed FarmVille on the world, it is releasing FrontierVille, a new game that's similar to FarmVille, but has a few twists says TechCrunch.
* Linden Labs, the company behind Second Life laid off 30% of its staff.
* The Netflix/Hulu effect: The percentage of people watching full length movies on the web has doubled in the last year, writes Joesph Tartakoff at PaidContent.
* iFixYouri, a site claiming to have an iPhone 4 minus the circuit board
, did some tests on the screen. Turns out it will break just like an other iPhone, despite all the talk of a super strong screen.
* If you haven't yet, do read the big feature we have on the "Startup Con Man," it's quite a tale.
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