Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Experience Matters-David Fasullo | Critical Mass Toronto: FITC 2010: Thoughts from a First-Time Speaker, Long-Time Attendee

Flash was only the beginning. Today, if there’s one thing FITC is known for, it’s inspiration. In less than a decade since its first incarnation as a Toronto-based festival celebrating Flash, FITC has a spread around the world and broadened its scope. Now, there’s something for everyone: writers, designers, developers, or creative explorers. It’s that spark of inspiration that unifies the speakers and attendees. I’d like to think it’s that same spark that inspired the entrepreneurs to create Flash (FutureSplash Animator, at the time); and possibly the same spark that inspired the first flock of flashy individuals to come together and create this event.

But if the speakers, networking, & parties aren’t enough to bring people together, each year the event is centered on a theme. This year’s “Playground” theme was most evident in the speaker introductions. Each introduction was pre-recorded (and apparently edited) by event creator, Shawn Pucknell’s young daughters. And while it would have been funny, I’m glad they didn’t do this introduction for the “Cool Shit Hour”. Alternatively, they could have just called it the “Cool Stuff Hour”. But that doesn’t seem to have the same impact. Please continue reading @ Experience Matters

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