Friday, May 28, 2010

Capital C: Digital Digs

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“Lost” Finale: What the Web Wasn’t Made For
One of the biggest, most talked about shows to ever hit TV and the blogosphere ended this past Sunday. Never has a show had so many fans conversing in every outlet available online. Here’s a peak at what Lost did to the Internet and vice versa.

Twitter to Eliminate Third-Party Ads in User Timelines
What seemed an inevitable arrival of ads on Twitter as a way to monetize the social network is no longer en route to your home page. It seems Twitter isn’t sure where they’re going, but they know where they are. And right now users like them.

Figuring it Out
Google: The Next 6 Months of Android Will "Blow Your Mind"
Android lead Andy Rubin says the capabilities of Android will grow exponentially over the next six months. But will consumer adoption?

Growing Time
5 Use Cases for The Real-Time Web
Uses for the Real-Time-Web are abundant, with products like Twitter and Facebook playing poster child. However, fine-tuning and goal setting is needed for other areas of the web to take the plunge and adopt less obvious but more beneficial uses
for Real-Time.

Ways to Get Real
RIP: “Get a Mac” Gets a Tribute
The iconic ad campaign “Get a Mac,” was put to rest recently, but not before a lengthy tribute to take us on a reminiscent journey of Ad Week’s campaign of the decade and YouTube’s most watched ads ever.

Undead Advertising
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