Friday, May 21, 2010

Edelman Digital: Quick Hits: May 21

NBC Turns Television Into a Social Media Game
Fan It is an interesting new initiative by NBC that aims to tie social networking directly into its programming. In combination with myNBC, NBC’s online fan community, the program rewards users who converse around and promote – through Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and Foursquare integration – NBC shows. This kind of social integration into television should provide new information for NBC to know early which shows are building a passionate fanbase.

Foursquare Snags a Deal with The Today Show
As if you needed another reason to pay attention to Foursquare, the location-based network has added another mainstream media partner to its ever growing roster. The Today Show partnership will center around the show’s yearly Concert Series. Users can earn special badges by attending the concerts and get tidbits about New York City venues.

You Can Now Skype From Your TV
Skype-on-TV sounds like something from the future, doesn’t it? Not anymore. If you own a Panasonic or Samsung internet enabled HDTV, all you have to do is purchase a special webcam once available, and you can start video chatting from your couch – with multiple people. This is big for Skype, considering the announcement that Google may be hot on their tail.

Google Close to Making Web TV a Reality
Speaking of Google, looks like it’s finally getting close to making its “Smart TV” platform a reality. We don’t know much yet, but partnerships with Sony and Intel should make this system smart, fast, and very web-content friendly. Could Google be making plans to integrate Google Talk into Smart TV, taking yet another swipe at Skype?

In the Future, We Will All Be Replaced by Telepresence Robots

Kind of puts the Google versus Skype discussion in context, doesn’t it?
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