Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mobile Industry Review: 7 Reader Application Favourites

Last week I emailed the readers of The Application Review newsletter. I asked them to tell me the best app they’d purchased/downloaded recently. I had 153 responses in 24 hours. That’s pretty good going. I thought you might like to read a few:

Alistair wrote about Gwabbit on the BlackBerry: “A fantastic app that automatically scrapes the contact details of all new emails that are read on my BlackBerry. The app runs in the background and gives me the option to save or discard contact information for everyone that I have had an email exchange with – A great way of adding information to my phonebook, never know when you’ll need to make that important call.”

Ana really likes Time Out London iPhone app: “It recognizes my position and tell what’s going on nearby, from movies to events and nice restaurants, everything separated under categories. It also shows the top10 events and has the Inspire Me section, quite similar to UrbanSpoon, you just shake it and have a couple of random suggestions in hand.”

Candace loves Taxi Magic for her iPhone: “Total utility, free, and it works in a pinch. This is great since cab service in SF really sucks. I have heard of the app from many friends so this is a word of mouth referral.”

Chris rates Sipdroid VoIP for Android: “An open standards opensource SIP client for Android. What’s not to like?!”

Jason is loving Ballix on Nokia: “Ballix is a really fun puzzle game for use on Nokia’s touch-enabled devices (I’ve been playing it on the Nokia N97 mini). It requires quick fingers, and quick decision-making to get it right. And, the game offers 42 levels of play – each one more challenging than the last! I found the app in Ovi Store by Nokia.”

John wrote in about Logitech Touch Mouse for iPhone: “Referred by a friend. Free app which allows you to control your Mac/PC using your iPhone touch screen as a mouse. Simple idea, but functional and easy to use“
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