Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Andy Beal's Marketing Pilgrim: Facebook’s Simplified Privacy Controls Will Start Appearing Tomorrow

Now that Facebook has taken the obligatory ‘walk of shame’ following “The Great Privacy Train Wreck of ‘10” it has to actually do something. Talk is cheap and Facebook has been doing an awful lot of talking as of late. Thankfully at TechCrunch Disrupt they are starting the rumor that their action is just a day away.

TechCrunch tells us

On stage today at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York City, Facebook’s vice president of product Chris Cox announced that starting tomorrow, Facebook will be rolling out “drastically simplified” and improved privacy controls. He didn’t give any details, but did suggest that they should alleviate some of the recent privacy problems Facebook has faced.

While giving no details gives little satisfaction to those who are curious at least there is something to look forward to right?

How about we try this. Why don’t we have the readers of Marketing Pilgrim put together their dream privacy ‘capabilities’ as it relates to Facebook and see how the new and improved privacy controls measure up when / if then magically appear tomorrow? (Don’t you love how these things are ‘rolled out” rather than just applied to everyone all at once?)

Tell us what you think would be the best thing that Facebook could do to truly ‘make good’ on this one. Is there a real chance for them to turn this around? Also, do you truly trust that anything they do and say today will be in place for any serious amount of time before Facebook takes another swing at getting advertisers what they need which is your private information?

Sound off, Pilgrims, while you have the chance because tomorrow we can only react to what Facebook does. Today, at least we can pretend like our opinion matters.

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