Tuesday, May 4, 2010

360 Digital Influence Blog: Introducing…Social Marketing exCHANGE

We’ve all heard the messages…exercise…eat healthy…quit smoking…talk to your doctor about your heart health. But what does it take to foster real behavior change? Empowerment efforts like the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign? Engagement initiatives like the truth campaign? Does it take a change in social norms?

Today, I’m happy to announce the newest addition to the Ogilvy blog network…Social Marketing exCHANGE. Authored by members of the Ogilvy’s Social Marketing team, the exCHANGE will focus on any and all topics related to the application of social marketing and behavior change communications to address public health and social issues.

What is Social Marketing? How do you promote behavior change? How can social media support awareness for social issues? Does it require a change in policy to real make a change in public health and safety? These are some of the issues we will be discussing on the exCHANGE.

Our work has addressed some of the most important issues of our time, ranging from health, safety, and risk communications to environmental stewardship and community development. Specific areas of focus have included HIV/AIDS, heart disease and stroke, pandemic influenza, global health, nutrition, cancer prevention and treatment, homeland security, emergency preparedness, driving and transportation safety, dating and youth violence, and community conservation.

Here are a couple of our first posts…

Let the dialogue begin! – What we hope to accomplish with Social Marketing exCHANGE
An Identity Crisis for Social Marketing – Distinguishing Social Marketing from Social Media
Getting Smart on Gov2.0…Fast! – A Collection of useful sites to stay sharp on Gov2.0

So stop by the exCHANGE. Wonder out loud. Take issue. Raise questions. Advance ideas. Share experiences and perspective. Voice your opinions. We look forward to creating a space where all of these important issues can be discussed
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