Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FastCompany: ICFF: The Best Branding Behind the Brands

It's fair to say that 99 percent of people on the planet would see ICFF as 145,000 square feet of "unnecessary." However, for the remaining one percent of us who love design, it is an annual bazaar of the new and notable from the commercial and domestic landscapes that is not to be missed.

The booths are beautiful, the products are beautiful and the people are beautiful. But, all of this can be utterly exhausting so I found it helpful to attend the fair on a mission.

This year I decided to use the Editor's Award winners list as my road map. Editors from design publications such as Domus, Abitare, Dwell, and Metropolis determine 16 categories that comprise the winners circle. Categories include seating, carpeting, lighting, materials, accessories, textiles, and "body of work."

Some of these winners also have the distinction of being very well branded. Not only are they producing superior products, but everything that speaks for the company--its booth, logo, catalogs, advertising, and website--is in lock-step quality. This is great design in total.

Of the 16 awards, I had little argument with the editors' selection. However, from a branding and graphic design perspective, a few stand apart...continue @ FastCompany

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