Friday, May 28, 2010

Edelman Digital: Friday Five: Ways To Own Your Brand Online

In a new media world, staking your claim online goes well beyond reserving a web address or two. Even companies and public figures without firm plans to participate in the social media space should be aware that consumers will still be looking for them and plan accordingly. Today’s Friday Five reflects five tips to help your clients (and yourselves) own your brand online.

Primary Twitter Account
Choose a Twitter handle that clearly reflects the company name and/or division. If you do not plan to activate Twitter immediately, ensure that the profile links to the company website and that the first tweet states that consumers can check back or links to a more active social forum (like a Facebook page).

Referring Twitter Accounts
While this isn’t always the case, some brands have been known to claim multiple twitter names, directing to the singular one in use. This prevents squatters from taking over an official-looking presence but it’s impossible to claim all possibilities. The best way to ensure your voice is the one consumers are hearing is to participate in the conversation whenever and wherever possible and appropriate.

Similar to Twitter, find a unique URL for your company’s Facebook page that clearly reflects what will be represented there. If possible, this should match the company’s or program’s Twitter handle for consistency.

Just as candidates represent themselves on this popular professional networking site, companies should keep their profiles updated as well. Establishing open positions and keeping up with industry accolades is more than just an effective recruiting tool. This is especially important now that LinkedIn allows users to follow company updates.

Blog Commentary
Commenting on blogs is a sticky process for many large companies and requires the consultation of a company social media policy and the participation of a designated spokesperson. One of the best ways to continue owning a brand online in this arena is to identify natural brand ambassadors proactively so that in times of trouble, they have the correct information to distribute within their invested community.
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