Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cohn and Wolfe Blog Posts: Social Behavior vs. Social Media

It’s easy to forget that the term “social” is as much intended to describe behavior as it is a reference to the media or platform. In the May issue of PRWeek, I had the pleasure of sharing my perspective on the best way to incorporate offline experiences into a social media strategy to encourage engagement. As I was thinking it over, perhaps the real question was “How can social media create engagement in a way that produces offline behavior?”

It is important to remember to develop strategies by first abandoning your enthusiasm for the platforms and instead examine what you know about the social behavior of the target audience. What can we glean from their online conversations, content consumption, click paths, daily activities or the way in which they navigate physical space? These questions allow you to create programs that facilitate natural interaction between audience and brand in a way that encourages sharing across the social Web. Stay focused on the desired behavior that supports your business objectives. Determine the thing of value or utility that you can offer your audience to encourage that behavior and then finally select the social platform to best enable that result.* Chad Latz's blog. Cohn and Wolfe Blog Posts

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