Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Canadian Marketing Blog - Canadian Marketing Association: The Changing Face of the Direct Marketer

As a leader of direct and digital marketing professionals, I have come to the realization that there is a rapid convergence of these two worlds resulting in a new face among direct marketing professionals.

Today’s strategic marketing plans necessitate cross-channel integration that go beyond the traditional channels. Our marketing plans include digital marketing tactics like SEM and social network marketing to help us achieve the end goals of consumer brand awareness, consideration, purchase, retention and loyalty.

The traditional skill sets of a direct marketer, while highly data driven and analytical, is no longer sufficient. Similarly, web marketers need to leverage the highly valuable skills and discipline that direct marketers bring to the table in order to ensure marketing plans are trackable, measurable and ultimately accountable to the program’s end goals and objectives.
This often makes recruitment exercises challenging whereby I find myself seeking marketing candidates who not only have a firm grasp on the ‘science’ of direct marketing (not an easy find) but can contextualize their application to emerging digital marketing technologies and platforms (an even harder find).

Would love to hear others’ views on the changing face of the direct marketer.

Martha Turner, AVP Marketing Services and Campaign Management, Aviva Canada & member of CMA’s Direct Marketing Council Canadian Marketing Blog - Canadian Marketing Association


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