Monday, May 3, 2010

the zig blog: The value of a Facebook “Fan”

Which, for the purpose of this post, means those who “like” a brand on Facebook.

This recent blog post contains a number of interesting points, one of the first being that the average ratio of fans to wall posts is 1:1. “Not all brands have a 1:1 Fan to wall impression ratio; some were higher and some were lower. The brands that did tend to have higher ratios tended to do a better job of posting relevant content, actively engaging Fans and customers, and also used rich media. “

The other bit is that this doesn’t really seem to take into account the possible extra impressions due to people engaging with the post: “But that’s not all. Facebook wall posts have social engagement such as clicks, comments, likes, plays and shares. Wall Apps such as a coupon or a poll offer even greater levels of engagement. Brands engaging their Fans stand to earn much more value, potentially doubling or tripling these estimates.”

So what they are positing is just an average baseline. Your ratio should be higher the more engaging and relevant your Facebook communications are. One could draw further valuation by averaging the engagement per type of post. For example, on average X Company’s post gets this many comments, generating this many extra impressions per post.

And the actual dollar value of a Facebook Fan? US$3.60/fan for the moment. I’d love to see Molson Canadian’s hugely successful Gear Up for Gold numbers compared to this valuation...the zig blog

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