Thursday, May 6, 2010

welcome to optimism: Wieden + Kennedy's happy navigators for Nokia

Back in January, Nokia announced to the world it was introducing free turn-by-turn voice guided walk and drive navigation on all Nokia smartphones. The brand’s Ovi Maps enables satnav functionality in over 70 countries.

We have created a global campaign to celebrate this. The ‘Highway’ campaign carries the message ‘may everyone everywhere find their way’, and features real people from around the world using their Nokia handsets to help them reach their destinations, while using unique modes of transport.

The work will also extend online with some exciting digital initiatives to be announced in the coming months.

W+K creatives Tom and David said, ‘We wanted this spot to celebrate the fact that everyone everywhere can now find their way to the people and places they love in the most human, curious, playful and authentic way possible. So instead of casting actors or performers we trawled the world for what we called Happy Navigators; interesting people with interesting ways of getting about’.

Joanne Savage, Marketing Director: Global Nokia Marketing Creation (Focused Campaign) said, ‘At Nokia, we always start with the human problem, and only then look to find the resolution through technology. Here, it was a simple observation, but one which bothered us nonetheless: how in 2010 are people still getting lost? And the answer is actually in your pocket. Our Nokia smartphones are all GPS-enabled, so we simply decided to give this away for free, the equivalent of a top-of-the-range satnav, for everyone everywhere. We are really proud of Wieden + Kennedy for producing a beautiful campaign to communicate and celebrate this.’
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