Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Leo Burnett - Cultural Fuel Blog: Digital as Advertising DNA?

I just read an interesting article from Augustine Fou over at ClickZ about Digital being at the root of modern advertising, and it seemed to resonate with some discussions we had been having in the Frankfurt office over the last few years.

The point is not that everything begins and ends with a website/banner/facebook page, but rather the cultural impact made by the rise of all our digital options for living. And it’s not that people live their lives online, but rather that people use digital ‘properties’ to do so much STUFF in their lives, even when they don’t think they’re ‘online’. You use digital technology when you pay for gas with a card. You use digital when you check the movie times on your phone. You use digital when you Google the actors in a TV program you’re watching. You use digital when you watch a screen in a store while you wait to check out. Your TV is as digital as most computers are. It’s kind of everywhere, and you relate to it and use it, even if you’re not actively searching for information about a product or service. Ultimately, there is more and more human behavior that is linked, or tracked, or enabled by digital properties. And due to the Request/Receive nature of digital properties, this behavior can be leveraged to understand needs and desires.

The value of this information about behavior (digital breadcrumbs left in our modern world) can’t be overemphasized. Integrating digital at the core of marketing activities allows for unprecedented analysis of data related to how people interact with digital properties, making the case for more efficient and effective work, especially when it is designed from the beginning to take advantage of human insights and behavior.

I’m not sure I buy that Digital is the center, but I prefer to think of it as a key element of the modern human landscape, rather than a channel, for sure.
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