Friday, May 7, 2010

Iron Man 2 Opening Today On 4,380 Screens -- The Biggest Initial Release In History

Superhero flicks are doing wonders for the box office.

After a week of industry hype and booming international box office numbers, "Iron Man 2" finally hits U.S. theaters this weekend.

The Marvel/Paramount comic book adaptation starring Robert Downey Jr
. has already grossed more than $121 million in 53 foreign markets.

It now opens in 4,380 North American theaters, which Nikki Finke over as notes makes it the "widest initial release in Hollywood history," besting Warner Bros' "The Dark Knight," which opened in 4,366. And there's speculation that it could surpass "The Dark Knight's" $158 million opening weekend record, too.

There are also plenty more sure-to-be lucrative superhero movies on the way: "The Avengers," "The Green Hornet," "The Green Lantern" (both in 3-D), "X-Men First Class" and a Sequel to "The Dark Knight," which just got an official July 20, 2010 release date, among others.
Business Insider

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