Thursday, May 13, 2010

Edelman Digital: Quick Hits: May 13

Twitter to Launch “Business Center”
Twitter is inviting a select group of businesses to beta test its new “Business Center”. This new tool is designed to allow businesses to set up company profiles and have multiple users tweet on its behalf. Most significantly, for the first time companies will be allowed to receive direct messages from anyone….even if the company is not following the person. With this direct access to a company, Twitter is opening a new level of customer service for brands.

Facebook to Launch Location Features This Month
In a move that will surely stir up competition with Foursquare, Gowalla, and Brightkite, Facebook is rumored to be unleashing its long awaited location check-in functionality for individuals and brands this month. While information is sparse at this point, it is believed that users will be able to check into locations, as they do on Foursquare, and brands will be able to target advertising towards the end user in a much more localized aspect. McDonalds is going to be the first brand/retailer to test the functionality, allowing users to check into their restaurants, and products will be featured in the users news feed. This is a potential huge opportunity for advertisers and brands who are jumping head first into the exciting world of localized targeting of end users.

Bing Now Lets You Shop With Your Friends
Along with Twitter and Facebook integration, Bing has added “social shopping” into its search results. As social influence is a key influencer upon purchase decisions, adding this functionality is a natural progression for the search engine. Allowing searchers to post products onto their Facebook newsfeeds creates instant advocates or critics for a product and spurs conversation within communities.

3D Recording Device Being Developed for Cell Phones
The hottest trend in film, television, and even magazines today is 3D. However, a gap still exists between viewing content in 3D and creating content in 3D. Sharp is attempting to bridge the gap by creating a camera aimed to be installed into cell phones and digital cameras within the next few years. The device will have 3D recording capabilities for the everyday user, however they have yet to address the issue of viewing the content.

Facebook Privacy Concerns Prompt Students to Create their own Platform
Concerns about privacy and information sharing on Facebook have prompted a group of students in New York to create a new social network. Project “Diaspora” has raised over $23,000 through micro-funding site Kickstarter to begin development on their new platform. Their goal is to create software that will let users set up their own personal servers and hubs, and fully control the information they share. Update: Since this article, Project “Diaspora” has soared past the $50,000 mark in funding.

Zynga Offering “On Game” Ads
Zynga has partnered with ad network SocialVibe to run “on game” advertisements within popular games such as FarmVille and Mafia Wars. As opposed to “in game” advertising, this new delivery concept will run simple message ads at the bottom of the screen offering users game currency for engaging with the ad or offer. Zynga will charge brands only on initiated interactions, which average about $1. The new service will allow brands to create their own custom interaction between the consumer and the brand. Zynga promises higher quality offers than past ones which caused backlash for the company, prompting them to halt branded offers for a period of time. Please read more @ Edelman Digital

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