Monday, May 17, 2010

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Kill Your Facebook Page Backlash Gains Speed
Whisperings of a Facebook mass exodus are getting louder. And with good reason: people will only be pushed so far when privacy is an issue. Will brands be ready to follow the crowd?
Do What They Do
Diaspora: The Student-Made, Privacy-Respecting Facebook Alternative
Even if brands side with the people choosing to leave Facebook, what if that crowd won’t let brands go where they’re going? If Diaspora helps the masses hide from brands and the masses choose to stay hidden, what then?
SCVNGR Puts the Game Back in Location-Based Gaming
Though still only playable in the US, a new location-based game promises to get to the top by making a check in more than just a check in.
Addictive Outings
SBS Officially Broadcasting Some World Cup Matches in 3D
No talk of 3D advertising yet, but maybe something to start thinking about as the first wave of 3D television (live, at that) is set to hit 3D capable homes in just a few short weeks.
Live in 3D
Rivals Are Invading Its Patch, But Nintendo is Ready to Go to War
Apple is the new kid on the block when it comes to handheld gaming, but Nintendo isn’t taking it lying down. Pumping all its research and marketing money into fighting off Apple’s entry into handheld gaming, Nintendo hopes to stay on top of what they do best, before Apple does what they do and do it better.
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