Friday, May 7, 2010

Business Insider: 10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Digg is cutting staff and the iPad is going international. Let's get to the tech news you need to know now:

* Yahoo (YHOO) is going to move its search advertisers over to Microsoft (MSFT) starting this summer. That is, unless the process seems like its going to screw-up the holiday season. Then Yahoo will wait till 2011.

* Hey look, somebody got Android working on the iPhone.

* VC Experts figured out the size and terms of Russian holding company DST's investment in uber-hot group-buying site DST. $135 million for shares at $33 a piece.

* Digg canned 10% of its workforce yesterday.

* All that outrage over Facebook privacy problems isn't coming from users, says Facebook.

* Don't buy it? Direct your questions about Facebook privacy to communications boss Elliot Schrage here.

* Yahoo's share of total ads served shrank ~5%. Part of that has to do with a new emphasis on fewer, more premium ads. Part of that is due to Google's increasing dominance.

* Mobile TV startup Telegent Systems has canceled its $230 million IPO because "the benefits of being publicly traded are not sufficiently attractive." A CEO source of ours disagrees.

* The iPad will be available internationally on May 28.

* In the meantime, here's how to get an iPad 3G working in Canada.

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