Wednesday, July 7, 2010 : 10 Essential Apps For iPad

Now that you have bought your dream gadget, the iPad, you must be busy getting used to it. But have you found out the right apps that would make your iPad experience more fruitful?

If not, here is a compendium of ten of the popular iPad apps for your use:

• Early Edition: This app allows you to organize all your news/RSS feeds in a newspaper style, thereby giving you a wonderful news reading experience.

• Netflix: This is a boon for you if you do not have a Netflix account. It allows you to select and watch a movie (in HD quality) in a fraction of seconds. No doubt, it is assumed here that you have a 3G or Wi-fi connection already.

• Flickpad: This photo app allows you to stream the photos that your friends have uploaded on Facebook. Supposed to have gained Flickr’s support, it gives you the liberty to flick through your photos.

• Phototransfer: If you have your iPad and your computer hooked on a same Wi-Fi network, you can easily transfer your photos from the former to the latter, without having to use iTunes or iPhoto.

• Twitterlator: This Twitter app for your iPad gives you a smoother experience, like TweetDeck, while you tweet out to the world.

• Penultimate: This is the ultimate app to help you capture your hand written notes. You can now flaunt your handwriting on your iPad too.

• Things: This Mac only to-do- list creating app has now come for your iPad. You can plan your day judiciously.

• Instapaper: This bookmarking app helps you bookmark a webpage or an article on to the Instapaper’s database ,thereby allowing you to retrieve them as and when you want to read them.

• iBooks: This is Apple’s bookstore, as already seen on the release day, for buying and downloading ebooks of your choice.

• iWork: An office suit for your iPad that will include word processor, spreadsheets etc.

If you have more apps in your knowledge, you can add them up hereunder. Wish you have a wonderful time with your iPad, loaded with one or all of these apps. - Web, Advertising and Technology Blog in India

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