Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DDB Creativity: Dream a little dream

It’s time to start thinking beyond viral and even beyond mobile, at least as we think of them now. In this blog post, I’ll talk about how to enable new forms of creativity by harnesssing emerging technologies to elevate the OOH consumer brand experience. Experience Proximity Series The Experience Proximity series is an interactive 3-D media platform designed to redefine the out-of-home consumer experience. The Experience Proximity series presents first-of-its-kind mixed-reality digital signage that is capable of transforming both time and three-dimensional space. The only limitation to augmenting any physical location is the creative vision of the designers. The Experience Proximity consumer experience platform uses proprietary technology to spatially register and align a targeted physical area with one-to-one, millimeter-to-millimeter precision. By tracking the dynamic viewpoint of the observer, the Experience Proximity Lens allows 3-D virtual content to be spatially aligned with and immersed within the surrounding environment. As the observer moves, the content is dynamically repositioned, creating a window-like viewing experience. OOH Interactive Signage KABOOM! This larger-than-life superhero smashes into your theater lobby. As an observer enters the “proximity zone,” the experience proximity display transforms into its immersive mode, engaging the movie patron by using full body tracking and in-world registration. Advanced 3-D rendering capabilities and dynamic gesture recognition allow the observer to cross into this imaginative world by interacting with the characters and engaging in a full micro-gaming experience. Retail Consumer Experiences Merchandise comes to life as stunning lifelike visuals and audio transport your customer into a remote natural paradise. By engaging the natural senses, experience proximity can capture the customer’s attention and provide an emotional connection to the product. Allow this experience to become reality by enabling the customer to book a campsite for the weekend. DDB Creativity

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