Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The BuzzBubble: E07 Pt 3 Andy Azula Talks Social Media, We Choose the Moon and more on the buzzbubble

In part 4 Andy and Kevin get into digital executions and integration of teams, social media projects like The Kennedy Space Museum, and great viral social marketing campaign, “We Choose the Moon”. We talk about our next guest CEO – Mike Hughes and some fun facts about Mike. Some Fun facts about Andy and a rare bit of magic from “The Great Azula”. We get advice for young creatives and dealing with the rejection of getting creative killed, while remembering the feeling of that spark when a great idea gets through.
In closing, as Andy says, “Find the button, press repeatedly”. Thanks man! – KK
The BuzzBubble - Interviewing advertising icons

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  1. Actually its part 4. Thanks for posting.
    See it all at www.thebuzzbubble.com