Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Partners and Edell Blog: Superior customer service? So what.

In the differentiation game, customers need to see and believe that your organization is unique. And that your uniqueness is relevant to them.

This is an elementary marketing rule. Ironically, many financial services advertisers continue to play variations of the same “unique” tune about superior customer service. Admittedly, some ads are definitely more entertaining than others like this spot from ANZ in Australia.

But do customers actually believe service is a differentiator? Where’s the beef? The fact that Canada Trust was open 8 till 8 put a huge stake in the ground and became emblematic of how a small trust company tries harder.

Service differentiation in many industries can be hugely disruptive. Porter has become famous for the way they treat travelers. While kudos to Porter for delivering on service it was not difficult to improve on the competition. Porter has done a superb job of branding the experience from check-in to boarding.

A brand is a promise kept. So don’t just tell customers you’re different – show them how you’re different and then tell them how you’re different. Deliver on your promise over and over again. This translates into superior customer service and a brand that is both talked about and trusted.Please view here: Partners & Edell Blog by Dennis

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