Thursday, July 22, 2010

Business Insider: 10 Things You Need To Know This Morning

Great morning! Here's the news:

* Walt Mossberg really liked the new Samsung Android-based phones, calling them "worthy competitors" to the iPhone.

* Nokia reported a 27% drop in earnings per share, which is in line with consensus.

* Microsoft reports earnings today after the close. Bloomberg speculates the company could raise its dividend since the stock has been flagging and the company has a lot of cash.

* Amazon is also reporting earnings today.

* Big time NYC VC Fred Wilson says Apple is Evil, Facebook is just a photo sharing site, and it's tough for Gowalla to be second-fiddle to Foursquare.

* We have less than one year until the internet runs out of addresses thanks to the smart grid, mobile expansion, RFID, and other Internet connected devices. We need a new Internet Protocol.

* Microsoft will give out Windows Phone 7 units to all employees.

* Twitter is opening its own data center to deal with its surging user base.

* Motorola is accusing Chinese mobile rival Huawei of stealing trade secrets.

* Google hired a superstar music deal lawyer to handle the opening of Google Music.

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