Thursday, July 8, 2010

WPP Reading Room: Twitter Ads: An Opportunity for Brands?, Mindshare

In a departure from its previous proclamations that it wished to avoid taking on a ‘traditional web advertising model’, Twitter has announced the launch of a new advertising product, Promoted Tweets. This will allow brands to place their tweets at the top of relevant results on Twitter’s search platform.

Mindshare predicted this move back in September of 2009 when we said:

If Twitter can learn to rank results based on relevance… it then creates a space where brands might be able to see real results (from advertising). So if Twitter wants to make serious money from advertising, it may need to learn from Google’s ability to rank content and its ability to monetize those results.

Since then, the algorithms of the major search engines have been radically updated with Bing & Google now pulling in content from Twitter (a move which raised significant revenue for the micro-blogging service): in contrast to this, Twitter’s search algorithm has failed to evolve, and the result of this can be seen in the growth of traffic to in comparison to the traffic to the search function is essentially flat.

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