Wednesday, April 21, 2010

wallydownundy: Desperately Seeking Interns, New Recruits

The CEO of an automotive components manufacturer shared with me it was easier to shrink than to grow. When business is contracting you know what to do and when - you understand how many people you need for a certain level of business. If you used to have revenue of $800 million and contractions brought you down to $500 million you just referred to your game plan from that stage of development.

Growth is a lot harder to manage.

When your business is growing you’re unsure when and where to hire. Which team needs resources first? Is the business permanent or a short-term spike? Can teams manage with a little more focus?

Since October 2009 the revenue at Fleishman-Hillard in Sydney has doubled. We expect a 50% increase in the next two months. The team has gone from restless to overworked in a short space.

Thankfully the last months I’ve focused on setting in place the senior team, with a good tranche of mid-level executives. Today we need starter professionals. We have capacity for two interns and two junior professionals (2-4 years experience). For all roles you need to have the right to permanent residency in Australia - a short-term international visa won’t help, as we try to find interns capable of full time employment at the end of their term.

Our internships last three months and require a minimum of three days per week - with a preference for full-time. These are paid at a nominal level ($100 per day to defray expenses).

For Account Executives and Senior Account Executives, our greatest need today is in healthcare, consumer health/wellness and fast moving consumer goods. While we do have practices in corporate and technology, those are both fully staffed at present.

Please note this is for our Sydney office - learn more here:

I look forward to hearing from you!

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