Monday, April 26, 2010

welcome to optimism: the impossibler dream for honda

Bigger, longer, awesomer and impossibler: Honda Impossible Dream 2010 rolls out today across Europe.

Three years after the original Impossible Dream ad, in which a moustachioed hero moved between vehicles from a speedboat to a Formula 1 car (each vehicle the realisation of an 'impossible' Honda dream) we are releasing a new extended version, to air across 28 markets across Europe featuring the Honda jet, the CR-Z Hybrid Coupe, the hydrogen-powered FCX Clarity, the Honda robot Asimo and Honda solar panels.

Honda's extended version, which runs to two-and-a-half minutes – 30 seconds longer than the original – substitutes the original hot air balloon ending with a Honda jet rising from the waterfall to take our hero on his fantastic voyage. It takes the previous spot, which showcased Honda's heritage, and brings it up to date by including current and future products.

This pan-European ad campaign forms part of new strategy by the car maker, under European communications director Ian Armstrong, to develop a consistent brand across the region.

"'Impossible dream' is a fantastic opportunity to showcase both historic and future products in a film that truly generates a strong reaction from everyone who sees it," said Ian.
welcome to optimism

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