Saturday, April 24, 2010

nick burcher: YouTube 5th anniversary - how it's changed everything + some of my favourite videos

Today is the fifth anniversary of YouTube! On 23rd April 2005. Called 'me at the Zoo' was the first video posted to the site it features Yakov Lapitsky at San Diego Zoo revealing a profound truth about elephants.....

Over the following five years YouTube has exploded, so much so that latest figures show that over 24 hours of video is being uploaded to YouTube every minute!

There have been innumerable mainstream media references to the site - it really is hard to believe that YouTube has only been around for 5 years. YouTube fundamentally changed content on the web and, more than any other platform, YouTube drove the idea of UGC.

YouTube, and user success stories, really drove home the idea that publishing is not limited to the well funded traditional publishing elite. People sitting at their bedroom computers could make content that out performed the productions of mainstream media and professional ad agencies - and new stars like the Numa Numa Guy, Obama Girl and Fred have been born as a result.

Anarchy has reigned as users mashed up, remixed and re-appropriated professional content giving it new meaning and relevance depending on who it was aimed at. Most of all YouTube has changed long standing ideas of what creative should look like. Big, dramatic, moody films do not sit well in this space. YouTube is a place where humour, surprise and randomness rule - and the big publishers and creative shops have had to adapt their approach to content accordingly.......

To commemorate the anniversary of the first YouTube video I thought I would post some personal 'highlights' here. Everyone has a YouTube favourite, from dogs on skateboards to piano playing cats to laughing babies, none of those here but I hope you enjoy some of the clips I have appreciated over the last few years!

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