Monday, April 26, 2010

Partners and Napier: Partners + Napier helps Kodak redefine the Kodak Moment

Today, Kodak launched a new advertising campaign, a large-scale effort named “Real Kodak Moments” that includes television, online, experiential, and retail elements – all created by Partners + Napier. Born from the insight that with changes in technology and communication, the true value of great images is created by the bond givers and recipients feel by sharing them, the campaign refreshes the iconic Kodak Moment and announces that, “the real Kodak Moment happens when you share.”

The new brand campaign includes many product proof points to demonstrate the way Kodak's innovations deliver on the promise of easy sharing. A television spot featuring a father and newborn in the hospital, for instance, highlights cameras with ‘share' buttons that enable users to easily upload their images to their e-mail, Facebook and YouTube.

"The "Kodak Moment" has been known and loved worldwide in reference to the point of capturing a great image. In today's world, sharing the image is really when the emotion happens." said Leslie Dance, VP of Worldwide Brand Marketing at Kodak. "It's that emotional tie and the act of sharing that transforms a picture or video into a Kodak Moment."

As part of the campaign, Kodak has also launched Distinct from traditional photo-sharing sites, offers a unique way to share and respond to meaningful moments through their emotional and experiential content. Visitors to the site can upload their moments from their desktop, Kodak Gallery or social network sites like Facebook and YouTube. Contributors are asked to title their photo and describe its significance, as well as to choose the emotion that they most closely associate with it. Other users, upon viewing a photo and description, are prompted to contribute their own feelings by tagging an emotion. In that way, a community and dialogue are created around human emotions, linking diverse individuals and perspectives. Kodak will also showcase individual contributions on the site's homepage, spurring conversation around consumer content.

"Kodak understands that it's the human interaction with imaging that creates value, and Kodak creates technology to make it easier to make, manage and move that information," said Sharon Napier, CEO of Partners + Napier. "By providing a living, breathing testament to the power of sharing, it is creating a global community around people's most special moments. Kodak is simply one of those brands that people love to love because everything it does facilitates how people remember, share, and celebrate themselves and each other."

"We live in a time when friends and families aren't able to gather in person as frequently as before, and for that reason, a family's ‘Chief Memory Officer' - often mom - has an increasingly big responsibility to maintain that feeling of closeness," said John Roberts, Chief Strategy Officer of Partners + Napier. "With this campaign, Kodak is helping her turn great images into something that binds people together through the simple act of sharing."

To reintroduce the Kodak Moment, the campaign will engage consumers at numerous touchpoints, ranging from traditional media and online to more experiential components in Times Square and Disney World. Additionally, the new "Kodak Moment" has also been integrated into the ninth season of the "Celebrity Apprentice" on NBC.

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