Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tribble Ad Agency : The Advertising Agency of Record : Random Post / Rant about Advertising Agency BS

Clearly something is wrong with our industry. Since WPP group plc moved shop to Ireland to save on Taxes (even though Sir Martin was given knighthood) it makes it an interesting read to say the least.

Queen : Here’s your knight hood
Sir Martin : Cool, we’re moving to Ireland to get away from you.

Uhh… So WPP issued their thanks to the queen, by moving out. It’s completely amazing to see the disconnect between what was “supposed to happen” and what actually did.

Evidently the advertising agency has saved about $100 million USD in the move, causing all sorts of discussion on why Sir Martin was given the knighthood when he turned around and screwed the crown.

Enjoy the new reality.
Tribble Ad Agency

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