Monday, April 12, 2010

The Life and Times of AdMob: Jason Spero in Mediaweek – “Decoding the Mobile Ad Space”

Today in Mediaweek and Adweek, AdMob’s General Manager of North America, Jason Spero addresses a big question in the mobile advertising industry – do mobile ads suck?

In his bylined article Jason says that though “Steve Jobs has said that mobile ads suck, in my experience mobile ads work and there’s empirical proof. Mobile is new, different and requires a built-for-mobile strategy. While mobile was considered experimental just five years ago, there are now thousands of marketers who have run successful mobile campaigns and have subsequently built mobile into their ongoing plans. These marketers track and measure conversion rates and impact on brand metrics. Most importantly, marketers track the cost to drive a purchase, opt-in, subscription, registration or phone calls so they can quantify their cost per acquisition. If their ads don’t deliver on these metrics, advertisers stop spending. “

To continue reading Jason’s article ‘Decoding the Mobile Ad Space’ please visit Mediaweek or Adweek.

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