Thursday, April 15, 2010

Edelman Digital: Crowdsourced Criticism And Recommendations For Social Media

Last week I asked the @EdelmanDigital Twitter followers the question below.

Edelman Digital Twitter Question

The @EdelmanDigital followers quickly chimed in and all the feedback they gave were points that companies should consider about their social media programs. Here are a few key responses to my question:

* @eric_andersen: How to thank people for mentions and respond to replies – so simple, yet so few do

# @krlooney: “When using social media I wish more companies knew what they believed.” variation: “the future they stand for”

# @joachimschulz: “how”

# @pcambron: You can’t simply transfer traditional tactics online. You need to converse and add value before you simply sell

# @jordanlangdon: How to maintain two-way conversation instead of solely promoting themselves.

# @cecipf: Realize the value of quality vs quantity

# @jamesonbull: that it is okay to show that you have a sense of humor.

# @sethgray: it’s about me, not them

In a time when more and more companies are getting involved in online communities it’s imperative that they understand how to approach and properly participate in discussions before they take a blind dive. Companies should also understand the true importance of social media and how powerful it can be. As a follow-up to the first question I also asked, what’s the most powerful thing about social media. @EdelmanDigital followers responded with…

* @sosully317: branding yourself.

# @annahardman: the ease in which it allows you to build new and valuable relationships (Edelman employee)

# @DanFugate: its ability to connect people and information.

# @bsniz: Radical transparency.

# @abrill: Mobilizing communities

After seeing the responses to both of my questions I thought I should weigh in with my own response. In my opinion social media has the power to give everyone a voice and if you aren’t listening you are missing opportunities to evolve and engage. As I said earlier, I do believe companies tend to jump in without investing time in research and education. You wouldn’t code a website without learning the basics so why start tweeting without figuring out the lingo and etiquette.

To me this post is just another way for companies to listen. I have crowdsourced information from real people in the community that are willing to listen, engage, and participate and that are trying to encourage others to do so and do it well.

Add to the conversation, what’s powerful about social media and what do you wish companies knew as they try to get involved?
Edelman Digital

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