Thursday, April 22, 2010

DRAFTFCBlog: Creativity: A Human and Psychological Process

Posted by Mariana Hernandez, VP, Planning and Research, Draftfcb Mexico City

Over the past months, I have dedicated some time to understand creativity as a human and psychological process, going beyond advertising. This task is a part of the final thesis of my master's degree in psychology. I have talked to many creative people to dive inside their systems, discover the tools they have and what kind of internal clues they use to trigger creative processes. It has been fascinating because creativity is a very complex process with many parts taking place under the surface of consciousness. Specially, the phase known as incubation. During this “mysterious” phase, all the ideas, stimulus, information, memories, learnings… are mixed together into a primitive/emotional part of the brain, while the rational part is busy doing something else, not related with the creative task (like solving Sudokus, for instance). This is the first article I wrote regarding this mater for Adlatina (the lead advertising online/offline advertising magazine in Latam region), where I have been collaborating as a writer for the past 6 years. Hope you like it.

To read the full article in Spanish please click here.

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